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This is Sasha. I’m a full-time writer of romance novels – dark romance as Sansa Rayne and sci-fi romance as Stella Rising. It’s always been my dream to write, and my promise to you is that as long as I can make a career out of something I love, I will always try to make each book I write better than the last!

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“To keep her safe, I’ll make her deadly.”

Punching out a creep in a bar, Daisy Simmons picks a fight with the wrong people: a ruthless human trafficker and his vicious son. They’ve called me, their expert assassin, to “handle” her. Eliminating rival criminals has made me wealthy and quelled my thirst for vengeance, but I have rules: I don’t kill the innocent.

To keep Daisy alive, I have only one choice: take her captive and hide her in my dungeon. To save her, I must learn her secrets. She’s buried her past, and I have to know why. Who is she? Why does she look familiar? How did she become so irresistibly feisty? Why isn’t she more afraid of me?

Refusing to despair, she fights me constantly, torn between needing and hating me. Captivity awakens her dark, deviant hungers – her need to be dominated and used. Beautiful and twisted, she sates my desires like no one else ever could. There’s far more to her than what’s on the surface, and I’m going to uncover everything.

My bosses want Daisy dead, but I can’t keep her locked away forever. Protecting her means taking drastic measures: betrayal, deception… even training Daisy to kill…

They may own me, but they’ll never control me.

I tried running, but he followed me. I hid, but he found me. I couldn’t escape, so I defended myself. Now he’s in a coma, and I’m in prison.

Except, the Walker Center isn’t a normal jail. In here, inmates work. Twelve hours a day, every day. If we misbehave, vicious guards punish us. They strip away our dignity, turn us against each other and rob us of our sanity. No one leaves, except as property.

My only hope may be Reed Nolan, an unapologetic sadist on a mission to break my spirit. He torments me every day, delighting in my pain. Defying him awakens intoxicating, dark desires. My perverse need to be dominated becomes my secret weapon, with every stroke of his whip powering my will to survive, to fight the evil of this place. 

My captors are going to pay for what they’ve done. I want to open Reed’s eyes, to turn him against the monster he serves, but if I can’t, I won’t let anyone stand in my way…

I like being watched. And I like to watch too.

Some artists paint. Others sing, or dance, or act. My performances are different: provocative. Deviant. Even perverse. My exhibitions have rocked the New York art scene. Online, I go viral every time.

Those closest to me say I’m going to get into trouble. My act draws attention from the wrong kind of people. Pierce Williams is supposed to be one of them, but there’s a side of him no one else sees. He might be the answer to what’s missing in my life. He’s got the looks, and a deliciously sick mind.

Pierce satisfies my craving for the twisted and obscene. He dreams up ways to pleasure me that no one else could. But he’s got secrets he’s not telling me, secrets that could destroy everything…

I have a new shepherd now.

I shouldn’t fall for Aldous Occestem. He antagonizes the local megachurch; he owns a satanic-themed BDSM club; and now he’s a suspect in my friend’s abduction. He should repulse me, but I can’t resist how he ignites my intense hunger for submission.

Our relationship started as a cover for my investigation, but now I’m addicted. Even if he’s not the kidnapper, his one-man war with the powerful Pastor Jones is a powder keg ready to explode, and I’ll be caught in the crossfire.

I should get out, but the deeper I dig into his life, the more I need him in mine. Something sinister is happening and Aldous is at its center. I won’t stop until I know the truth, even if it makes me the target of an unspeakable evil…

Resist or obey. Those are my choices.

Alone at a bar, recently fired from my job and about to move, no one will notice that I’ve gone missing, and my abductors know it. Locked in a cell and stripped of my dignity, they’ve threatened me with a fate worse than death. They aim to break my will. They plan to erase me.

My captors are vicious monsters, except for one: the doctor, Gabriel. He urges me to accept their control and spare myself months, or even years, of pain and torment. Yet his merciful demeanor hides a dark, burning secret. Smoldering and mysterious, I’m drawn to him and his talk of submission. He may be my best shot at escape, but I hunger for far more.

With Gabriel’s help, the others will pay for what they’ve done to me. They wanted a toy, but they’ve woken a terror…

They called it a cult. I called it home.

I don’t regret running away from home six years ago. I wound up at Good Souls, a secluded farm where I could fight my dark, dirty impulses and remain pure. I knew that soon I would receive the ultimate reward: ascension straight to heaven. Then the police raided our farm and took everything away. They called it being “rescued.”

I had nothing: no family or friends, just an empty apartment in New York. The other women from the farm barely spoke to me. Our leader, Brady Booker, was missing, and my therapist wanted to convince me my sexual urges were normal, and that ascension was a lie.

For so long I believed my hunger for discipline and restraint was the work of demons tempting me to sin. Then I met Mason. Dominant and handsome, he made me feel good… even if I am sick…

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In "Welcome to the Agency," a psychopath's victim learns survival is just the beginning...

Drugged and kidnapped, Mandy wakes up bound and helpless, at the mercy of a monster living out a horrific fantasy. After an unlikely rescue saves her from weeks of torture and despair, she can’t just return to her normal life. Her captor is still out there, and she can’t heal until he’s caught…

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