Biography - Sansa Rayne

Hi there! If you’re wondering a bit about me, here’s my story:

Full-time author & indie publisher

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a kid. Coming up with cool stories has been my passion as long as I can remember. After I finished school, for the better part of a decade I worked as a professional editor for a small company. I liked the work, but it was a failing business and I knew it wouldn’t last forever. At a time when I knew I needed to get out sooner rather than later, I discovered the world of indie publishing.

Today I’m writing full-time, doing what I love. There’s no greater feeling than hearing from a reader that’s just read one of my books. I’m probably not ever gonna get used to the fact that people are reading them every day, or that I’m doing what I love for a living.

Dark and twisted
We all know there’s a lot of pain out in the world today. It’s scary. I’ve always been fascinated with dark deeds, broken minds and hidden places. What drives a person to lie, abuse or kill? How do they justify their actions?

I was once told that the world isn’t as simple as good and evil, day and night, right and wrong. People are rarely all good or all bad – we’re usually somewhere in between. If that’s true, that means there’s got to be a way for us all to relate – even when we hurt each other. Exploring the minds of damaged individuals, of monsters and those caught in the midst, that’s what I want to do in my stories. Sometimes monsters need love too.

Just getting started

Although I’ve been a writer my whole life, I’ve only been a full-time author and publisher since late 2017. There’s still a ton I want to accomplish. I’ve got story ideas that I’m dying to put on the page, genres I’d like to explore, and dreams. I love movies, and would love to someday get a movie made from one of my books. I’d love to write a book that not just entertains, but makes an impact on people’s lives.

Thanks to readers like you, I can say I’ve accomplished one of my biggest dreams: being free to live the life I want. Working on a 9-to-5 grind has never been for me. I’m a night owl, for one – but I also have always wanted to be independent in my career, to be my own boss. As of 2017, that’s exactly what I am! I aim to keep it that way for the rest of my life.